Friday, June 28, 2019

Jeepney Love Story

Let me share my unforgettable Jeepney Love Story...
(which happened a week ago) Hahaha! 😂

Background of the story:
I have crush at work for years now and he is my happy pill. Nothing really serious, just someone I see from a far and get "kilig" in his presence. He is someone I always see in the hallway, in the pantry or the guy I almost bumped into. Like, I always see him from the big crowd. Yes, I know him by name. I have my sources. Hahaha! 😂 #StalkingSkills 

But if he knew me, that, I am not sure. Recently, something happened over Linkedin. Months ago, I viewed his profile. When I checked it back, he viewed mine as well. With Linkedin, the name of the person who viewed you appears, so, what will I do? Hahaha. He might probably knew me now and would probably think I am stalking him. (I am) 😜


So, the jeepney story happened one night. I was on my way to work, and I am running late, it was almost 10pm. I was the first to seat and I sat near the jeepney door. Then, about 3 to 4 passengers to go, I saw him at the door. He looked at me. I was shocked and I really hope it didn't appear in my face that moment. So, he entered and sat beside me. Yes, beside me, OMG!! And I remember it right, there was no available space beside me but he made a way to have a little space so he can sit. I really don't know what to do. Few seconds later, he gave his fare, then I remember, how would I gave my fare to the driver. There was no other way but for him to get mine. I was so hesitant, but I don't have a choice. So, I modulate my voice, act normal and gave my fare. Hahaha! I really feel awkward that time. So, he went to get my fare. 😊 I can't even remember if I said thank you (I think, I did). We were so close. His elbows are already touching mine's. As in. My heart is exploding!  Hahaha. So, when we got off the jeep, I went out first, and tried to act and walk normal. I really don't know what to do. Waaaaaah!! But my normal walk is really fast and he was few meters behind me. Then he went to 7-11 that is the only time I got to finally relax. Woooo!!

What was on my mind:
Did it really happen? Why would he sit beside me, on the first place, there was no enough space in there. Did he knew me? Did he recognize me as that girl in Linkedin who stalked him, I mean viewed him? Waaaah.. I really don't know the answers. I don't want to make any move or do anything crazy. But I am definitely kilig in his presence. Yeah.. I want to know him personally and be friends with him. I hope the next time I bumped into him, he would smile and for sure, I will smile back. But this is all I can do from now... To be kilig from a far.

So, here is Yeng Constantino with Jeepney Love Story

Much Love,

Thursday, June 27, 2019


With the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas where new queens have been crowned, let us make a little Q&A. So, I have crossed this question in Facebook and find it a little witty, so let's try and answer the question below... 

Credits to: Boiling Water FB page.

"Kung bibigyan ka ng chance na sabihin sa crush mo na nagseselos ka every time na nakikita mo siyang may kasamang iba.. Anong karapatan mo?" 

My Answer:

Wala. Wala akong karapatan, pero hindi ko pwedeng i-deny na ako'y nasasaktan. And I will not blame myself or anybody for feeling this way. It's my choice to feel this, because I choose to like him without any conditions, and that includes, him not liking me back. Wala rin akong sasabihin sakanya. I don't want him or anybody pity me for not being loved back. Martry as it may sound, we love without expecting anything in return. And I thank you.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How Was My 2018?

I know, it's been a while since the last time I write and as much as I want to, I've been very busy with a lot of things, and sleeping is one of them. So let me talk about how my 2018 had been.

January - I had a quick escape from the busy city, to be able to think and breath. A week after, I finally end up my 7 years relationship. It was hard, its sad, but it feels like more of a relief. I was able to finally let go of what was preventing me to be genuinely happy.

February - Fiesta! It's my first time to invite friends over. It was something I am not into, but I am happy to get out of my shell and try new things. On the other hand, Valentines Day came normal. Hahaha! Wear yellow for moving on.

March - I went Visita Iglesia alone. Yes. I managed to travel from one church to another (in which, my first time to visit most of the churches). And I went to my Holy Week routine without him, and I am definitely fine. I saw him there but tried to ignore that he was there. It's also my first time to help arranged the Easter fountain, and its beautiful. And this is one of the most unforgettable Easter Vigil mass I had witnessed and attended. Donna cried! Hahaha! And we had a quick Mcdo meal to lighten things up.

April - New department, new position, new schedule, new job. I am now a nocturnal! Hello to my Global Payroll Team! 💜 Finally, I am part of the payroll team. I also went into a pilgrimage with Kitty with her church mates around churches in Batangas. It's my first time, and I enjoyed it so much! Hopefully, I can join again next time.

May - It's the first time I welcomed my birthday in the office. In the past 7 years, I would escape from work, and have the day for myself, my family or with him. This time, I'm alone. It felt unusual and weird at the same time to welcome and end the day working.

June - We had prepared the first bridal shower of Chicks. It was a stay cation in Tagaytay. It rained hard and we went through a lot just to be in Tagaytay. Good thing, our surprised bridal shower for Kitty was a success! And eating bulalo was an added joy to this trip.

July - Kitty got married! And of course, the three of us (still missing Peanut) are there to witness the special event. It was one special day for my best friend and we are truly happy that she had met and waited the right guy for her. And on the side note, they keep teasing me to my partner. 

August - After how many years we finally visit Camiguin. We celebrated lolo's 98th birthday and tour around the island. It is also my first time to meet her, and somehow, I feel better? I think. 3 days is not enough. I've missed the province. A lot seems to be different but it still feels home.

September - A quick tour around Intramuros with the Global Payroll Team.

October - We went through something in the family and I am blessed to visit and touch the heart relic of Padre Pio in Manila Cathedral. I was there on the first day and a lot of devotees came to line up just to see the relic. I never expect myself in that big crowd. All I wanted was to see him, but I was able to touch and talked to Padre Pio. I feel really blessed that day. The same month, we also had a retreat at MLC and it was something very peaceful and heartfelt. I was able to let my heart out and share my problem through confession.

November Nothing I can remember so significant. I think, I was just busy at work with the transition we have in the new payroll system.

December - Hello Baguio! The payroll team went to Baguio for the weekend. We are able to tour around, visit Ben Cab Museum and saw Ben Cabrera in person. It was my first time in Baguio, and I really enjoyed this weekend trip. And since I now work at night, I have managed going to Simbang Gabi in Makati just to complete the 9 days novena. I've been working during Christmas, and that week was intense because we are busy transitioning at work.

2018 overall is a new beginning for me. I am getting myself back. To try new things. Do the things I want to do, go to places I miss going and to new places I've never been. I have met new people as well. But I know, I shouldn't be pressured. I still need time to think and be happy on my own. 

So, that was it. I know that this post is long overdue. This has been in my drafts for a while. I wanted to write more and express myself more and before I do that, I think I just need to finish this post first.

Until my next post. Chao!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Happy Birthday Donna! 🎂 08.20.18

It's the birthday of one of my closest and bestest friend ever and I can't thank her enough for everything in our 8 years of friendship. As I say, my "constant" in this world of "people come and go".

So, here's the video I made for her birthday. It is just so happy to laugh about how our journey as friends developed to what we are now. To being so thin to chubby, to being silent to loud, to becoming matured individuals and how our faith made us who we are now.

I always have your back.

Much Love,
Jazel 💛

Monday, September 3, 2018

Surprise Bridal Shower for Kitty! 🎉

Surprise! 🎉

We had booked for an out of town trip not just to bond, but also to surprise our dear Kitty for a simple bridal shower. And after long talks, finalizing our schedules, we ended up to a staycation in Tagaytay.

It was June 11, and it was raining hard, very windy and Metro Manila is in flood. We supposed to meet at 11am but ended up at 2 or 3pm because we cannot pass through the flood and LRT operations has been cancelled for a time. Yes, this was indeed a memorable trip to remember, because despite all the delays we have managed to push through this event. Anything for Kitty. ❤

Finally, we are here! Literal na mga basang sisiw! As we settled, Kitty and Dorothy went out to buy our dinner, and me and Germie did the decorating. Yes, we only had an hour to finish everything, and tadan! Mission Accomplished!! We just had dinner, fitted our gowns, played Uno and watched Midnight Sun and then go to sleep.

The next day (June 12), after having a quick breakfast, good thing, the sun is a little out already we had time to go out and explore our beautiful view of the Taal. We had a delicious brunch out, in a very cozy resto nearby then pack our things up by 12nn. We stop by to buy pasalubong and headed home.

So, that is it. That's our quick trip to Tagaytay and how simple our happiness is. Just goofing around each other, good talk, good food, good laughs and we are okay. Having these girls around for almost 15 years says it all. Through ups and downs and all the seasons of life, we will gonna be there for each other. So, here's a video compilation of our Tagaytay trip / surprise bridal shower for Kitty. 😍

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How Are You Now?

Hello there! 👋

This will just be a quick write up of how I am now. I've been really wanting to write but a lot happened and I think, I was also too lazy to pick myself up from bed and bring together my thoughts. Today, I just want to burst out everthing I feel. As you know, I always have this birthday blues where in, I think on things too much and gets emotional.

I had my birthday almost a month ago but nothing really special happened. As in, nothing! This is the first time that I will spending it at the office and working because I normally take a leave during my birthday and escape my officemates. Hahaha! But two days before that, we had a simple pizza-pasta meal with my team. And since I am working on night shift now, I felt I welcomed it twice in the office, Tuesday shift from 22nd to 23rd, and Wednesday shift from 23rd to 24th. It was a normal day I even went to Divisoria that morning to buy additional stuff to the project I am preparing. No extra ordinary food on our table, no sweet surprises, no eating out or any kind of celebration. And to be honest, I am totally fine with it. I am not really the type who celebrate birthdays. All this time, I thought I turned off my birthday notifications on FB, but it didn't, so yeah.. they know it's my birthday and I've been replying everyone for their greetings. But next year, promise, I'll make sure that it will not appear anymore and people who knew me well will be the only one who will greet me. Hahaha! Lol. 😂 I really appreciate it more when it's something personal and intimate. And ohh.. what was exciting about my birthday is 1st - my starbucks free cake, and I picked purple yam, and 2nd, the free dirty ice cream at the office!🍦 So happy for the free items! 😁

So, how am I? What was I thinking?
~ I am still embracing the fact that I am now single in all aspects. That I need to face things alone without nobody to be with, or nobody to share with. And yes, it sucks! There was a day, I felt missing him or maybe, I just miss all the "feelings" I used to feel. It takes time to move everything forward and seven years is long enough to be forgotten. I just miss loving. To prepare things for someone, to cook for him, take care of him, to talk to him about anything and just be my normal sweet self. It's so hard! But don't worry, I have accepted the fact that it is over. No more pain. I just need to move on with the things "I used to" do. It's ok. It's ok not to be ok. Sometimes, you need a time alone to think and embrace the sadness, or the loneliness. You need to let it go, and after a while, I know you will come out stronger. This has been a big step forward for me. It feels so independent. Feels so strong that I was able to fight over my soft heart. So here I am, spending my time with friends and the things I miss doing like arts and reading, or just simply taking the opportunity to sleep and sleep.

I don't know if I am afraid to be alone, I really don't know. But I am afraid not finding or meeting the right person for me. Like, how? Or where will I find him? I know, I still have time and I am not rushing on things, but I am really wishing and praying that God will give me the right person in His perfect time. 🙏

So, that's it. Don't worry, I am ok, and it's also ok if I am not. I have lot of things to do, so, I'll just get myself busy and forget all those sadness and loneliness away.

Chao! 💋

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Too many memories for today, but I will leave everything with the message below.

Happy Birthday! 🎈🎈🎈